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Blue Spruce
    • dark green to powdery blue; very stiff needles, ¾” to 1 ½” long; good form; symmetrical; but is best among species for needle retention; branches are stiff and will support many heavy decorations. 
    Canaan Fir
    • closely related to the Balsam Fir, with short, soft needles that tend to be medium to dark green on the top, and silverish-blue on the underside. This tree is gaining considerable popularity as a cut Christmas tree because of its open-growing patterns and strong branches.
      Concolor Fir
        • blue-green needles are ½ to ½ inches long; nice shape and good aroma, a citrus scent; good needle retention.
          Douglas Fir
            • good fragrance; holds blue to dark green; 1” to 1 ½” needles; needles have one of the best aromas among Christmas trees.
               Norway Spruce
              • needles ½” – 1” long and shiny, dark green. Strong fragrance; nice conical shape.

              Serbian Spruce

              • Serbian Spruce forms a narrow, pyramidal silhouette with graceful arching branches. The upper surface of the needles is glossy, dark green in contrast to the whitish lower surface. Its relatively narrow spread makes it terrific for smaller spaces.