423 West Sweden Road
Brockport, NY 14420
About Us

About Us


Located in Western Monroe County in the town of Sweden, Shetler Tree Farm is well known for its wide selection and quality of trees.   Donald Shetler began growing pine trees on his sprawling homestead on West Sweden Road just north of White Road back in the late 1980’s.   Since then it can be said that over 10,000 trees have been home to his farm.  This has gained the notice of many in the commercial world also, as Shetler Tree Farm trees have been shipped to many landscaping companies from the coast to as far west as Denver.  

Throughout the year, continuous work is being done from replanting to grooming.  Much care is exhibited as you will see each tree is shaped to reach its upside down ice cream cone state.


Please join us in enjoying the relaxed atmosphere at Shetler Tree Farm.  Bring your camera and create a lasting family memory.